The Supervisory Board

The Board main tasks and activities

The Supervisory Board verifies that the dictates of the Undertakings contained in Resolution no. 718/08/CONS, as modified by Resolution no. 451/16/CONS, have been executed correctly and investigates any breach in non-discrimination obligations pursuant to Resolution no. 623/16/CONS.

Specifically, the Supervisory Board helps Telecom Italia verify compliance with the Undertakings and with the further voluntary Measures adopted by the Company and contained in point 7.1.1. of Resolution no. 451/16/CONS, especially in terms of preventing possible irregularities or inadequacies in the application of said voluntary Measures.

Furthermore, the Supervisory Board may provide technical support to the Regulatory Authority as it monitors and verifies compliance with the non-discrimination requirements contained in article 64 of Resolution no. 623/15/CONS. In the course of its activities, the Supervisory Board adopts Decisions and Recommendations designed to stimulate greater compliance with Undertakings by Telecom Italia.

The Supervisory Board's activities as they relate to compliance with Undertakings mainly focus on:
- delivery, co-location and wholesale customers
- incentives, Code of Conduct, ban on sales by network forces and complaints about unrequested services
- performance monitoring system
- transparency regarding technical plans for the quality and development of the network
- integration of regulatory accounting and transfer charges
- transparency regarding development plans for the next generation of access networks