Confronti internazionali

Lo studio di Cullen International per OdV

The Supervisory Board with the aim of providing a current international benchmark with which to position the Italian model, commissioned to Cullen International a comparative study on the separation, equivalence and supervision models of the fixed access network in the major industrialized countries.



The study compares the models of separation and equivalence related to the incumbents of Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

These countries were chosen for the study based on current, past or potential future experience of separation applying to the vertically integrated operator.

To Cullen’s knowledge, these ten countries represent the best known international experiences relevant to vertical separation and related wholesale service provision. At present, nine out of the ten researched countries adopted separation at the wholesale level, while one stopped implementing separation after 2017.

The study also has a special focus on the role played by the governance structure and the supervisory committee in assuring non-discrimination and a level playing field among telecoms operators. In the countries researched, four out of ten countries have a supervisory committee and one had a supervisory committee before implementing the highest degree of separation, structural separation.


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