The Supervisory Board

The supervisory board

Conforming to what has been established by the Undertakings proposal, Telecom Italia set up the Supervisory Board, which started its activity with its first meeting held on April 9th, 2009.
This Body, which acts with complete autonomy and independence, is in charge of monitoring the correct execution of the Undertakings submitted by Telecom Italia and approved by AGCom. By its own initiative or following complaints by third parties, the Board verifies possible breaches of the Undertakings, informs AGCom and the Board of Directors of Telecom Italia, according to the procedures and time schedules provided for by its Regulation.

The model adopted is the result of the understanding reached between AGCom and Telecom Italia, aimed at a deeper transparency in the network access by the other licensed operators.

The Board meets at least once per month and can gather any necessary information and data to carry out its duties from all the Telecom Italia departments. The Board sends AGCom and Telecom Italia’s CEO on a quarterly basis a report on the work done, particularly with respect to possible anomalies in the implementation of the Undertakings. Further, the Board submits to AGCom and to Telecom Italia a yearly report on the work done and the results obtained.
The Supervisory Board is supported in its work by a Secretary General, by a Supervisory Office and has an independent annual budget.