Alerts and Complaints





Italian authorized telecommunications operators can send their reports to the Supervisory Board by means of a dedicated form.

The reports may specify any malfunctions or breaches in TIM’s practices, in the incorrect implementation of the Undertakings, in any failure to comply with the principle of non-discrimination or any possible cases of non-compliance with KPI findings on equal treatment and the objectives of the level of quality of network access services. 


It should be noted that in accordance with the mandate assigned

icona_ok_odv.png the SB can only deal with reports covering appropriate indications of malfunctions or breaches in TIM's implementation of the Undertakings, or of the violation of the content of these Undertakings by TIM; excluded are those reports concerning complaints for disservices originated from individual customers.

icona_ok_odv.png the SB can only deal with relations between telecommunications operators and not reports relating to individual customers.


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> Complaints handling process

> Alerts and complaints submission form (italian)



On April, 9th 2009, on its day of settlement, the Board adopted the form to be used by third parties who wants to send complaints about the execution of the Undertakings by Telecom Italia, in order to start immediately its supervisory activities. The Board defined as well general criteria for handling complaints according to priciples of proportionality and transparency.

During the Board meeting held on 23 April 2013, the Supervisory Board adopted Resolution no. 10/2013 by which it was launched a Public Consultation, addressed to Operators, about proposed changes to the general procedures for the management and discuss the matter of the Supervisory Board.
In the light of the experience gained so far over the years (the current procedure that regulates the process was approved in 2009 with the Resolution no. 2), the Supervisory Board has recognized the need to change the procedure for dealing with reports and complaints with the objective of guarantees of participation and contradictory of all stakeholders and, more generally, in order to simplify and provide the utmost transparency in the activities appraisals.
Through the launch of the public consultation, the Supervisory Board wanted to allow interested parties to submit their comments on the proposed measure, in order to have the largest share in the coming years on the rules that govern an important aspect of verification activities of the Supervisory Board.

> Determination n. 10/2014 (italian)