The Supervisory Board

The Undertakings of TIM

The following infographic summarizes the main Groups of Undertakings subject to monitoring by the Supervisory Board:



The Undertakings presented by TIM, referred to access services for which the company is identified as having Significant Market Power (SMP), were originally approved by the Communications Regulatory Authority- Agcom with Resolution no. 718/08/CONS, entering into force on January 1st, 2009.

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Download "The Telecom Italia Undertakings" document (italian)


In particular, as regards the Undertakings Group no.7 (Establishment, composition and functioning of the SB), the Authority updated the content of the Undertakings approved at the time, implementing Resolution no. 451/16/CONS. 

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Download the new "Undertakings Group no. 7" (italian)