International Benchmark

International Benchmark


The Supervisory Board discloses the results of a comparative study on the separation, equivalence and supervision models of the fixed access network in the major industrialized countries commissioned to Cullen International with the aim of providing a current international benchmark with which to position the Italian model.

In all countries, with the sole exception of New Zealand, competition in the telecommunications markets has to contend with the vertical integration of the incumbent operator which, in addition to owning the access network, operates in the competing downstream markets with the other licensed operators. 

In order to prevent this from inhibiting the full expansion of competition, different separation models have been developed and various regulatory instruments have been implemented in order to guarantee compliance with the equivalence principle which determines that other authorized operators must access the network services with exactly the same conditions that apply to the retail divisions of the vertically integrated incumbent operator.


Models of separation, equivalence of treatment and the role of the Supervisory Board


by Cullen International per OdV

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