Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Supervisory Board’s mission?

The SB is responsible for monitoring and verifying adherence to the Undertakings approved by TIM, owner of the network infrastructure, to guarantee equal treatment for access to the network by other authorized operators. After 2016, with the new Regulation, the SB’s scope of intervention also includes active surveillance on all aspects regarding the principle of non-discrimination.

How are SB members chosen?

The board is made up of 5 independent members appointed by TIM, of which 3 proposed by the Authority and 2 by the CEO of TIM, following consultation with the Authority. The members of the board remain in office for five years, they are required to adhere to principles of good repute, independence and professionalism and perform their functions totally independently.

Who can submit a report?

In accordance with the mandate conferred, the SB can only deal with reports and alerts coming from authorized telecommunications operators and not reports relating to individual customers. The reporting procedure is, therefore, only available for authorized telecommunications operators.

What can be reported?

Telecommunications operators may report any anomalies or malfunctions in TIM’s conduct as regards implementation of the Undertakings, or any possible cases of non-compliance with KPI findings regarding  equal treatment and the quality objectives of network access services and the alleged non-effective application and enforcement of the non-discrimination obligation.