The Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board regulation

In compliance with the provisions set forth in the new Undertakings n. 7 pursuant to resolution n. 451/16/CONS (amended in October 2016), the Communications Regulatory Authority - Agcom, in agreement with TIM, approved the new Regulation of the SB (replacing the previous one in force since 2009) which governs the functioning and procedures of the Board itself and of the Supervisory Office that furnishes support to the SB.

The resolution was modified in July 2016, as a consequence of the changes in the regulatory framework introduced with Resolution n.623/15/CONS.

Already on November 5th, 2015 the Communications Regulatory Authority had, with Resolution n. 623/15/CONS concluded the market analysis for the three-year period 2014-2017, amongst other things, shored up initiatives aimed at increasing the guarantees of non-discrimination in favor of other authorized operators. On the basis of this, the sector Authority wished to strengthen the equivalence model, reconfirming the SB as a control and oversight entity to protect the Undertakings of Resolution no.718/08/CONS and extending its scope of intervention, including the task of supervising obligations relating to the more general respect of the principle of non-discrimination. In order to consolidate the autonomy and efficacy of the SB’s governance model, the aforementioned Resolution obligates TIM to submit a proposal to the Authority regarding the amendment of the SB Regulation. This modification would be aimed at updating its role, functions and organization in the light of the new regulatory framework and will  take into account specific guidelines aimed at ensuring the impartiality of all members, appropriate independence of SO staff, together with the introduction of appropriate measures for the participation of other authorized operators in the activities of the Body as regards to equal treatment and an overall increase of quality of the all the services. 

With the entry into force, in July 2016, of the SB’s new Operating Regulation, the body’s public practices on the telecommunication market have increased, thereby consolidating its role in guaranteeing equal treatment, thanks to the new duties conferred upon it and to the relevance of the activities delegated by Agcom.


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