Diana Stefani – SO office manager


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Diana Stefani obtained her Classical High School Diploma in 1983 at the Orazio Liceo Ginnasio Statale in Rome and continued her studies at the La Sapienza University of Rome - Faculty of Law.

In 1995 she joined the General Management team in the Telecom Italia Group to collaborate on a corporate strategic project in the Information Technology Area.

In 1997 she was promoted to the administrative office of the Strategies, Planning and Control Department and, in 1998, she moved to the Regulatory and Authorities Department which entailed collaborating with the top management tier.

When the Supervisory Office was set up, in April 2009, she was selected to establish the office where she continues to hold a leading managerial role assisting the Board with logistical, administrative and organizational management.

In her free time Diana Stefani is an active participant in charity initiatives. She is president of the Academy for the Arts, Sciences and Sports (APAS Onlus) and ambassador for the Telefono Rosa - a women’s charity.