Fabrizio Dalle Nogare - Member OdV


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Formerly Adjunct Professor of "Network Law" at the Alma Mater University of Bologna, Fabrizio Dalle Nogare is currently Director of General Affairs and Compliance at the Ugo Bordoni Foundation and Adjunct Professor of "Information Technology Law" at the Universitas Mercatorum. A graduate in Law, he holds a Master's degree in 'High European Legal Studies' from the Collège d'Europe in Bruges. For over 30 years, he has worked - between Brussels and Rome - in the fields of electronic communication and audiovisual networks and services, holding positions at the European institutions - Commission and Parliament - and in the private sector. Prior to that, he was Vice President for Public Affairs and Director of the Network Equality Supervisory Body at TIM, among others. He published extensively in both Italian and French on consumer law and regulation of electronic communications networks and services. In 2019, he published the monograph "Regolazione e mercato delle comunicazioni elettroniche" with Giappichelli publishing house.