Francesco Papetti - SPM services performance manager


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Born in Milan, he moved to the Marche region where he completed his Scientific High School Diploma and then graduated with a First Class degree in Electronic Engineering. He completed his studies with a M.Sc from the Polytechnic University of New York.

He began his career with Snamprogetti S.p.A. (1988) who awarded him a scholarship for the development of his thesis.

In the SIP General Management Purchasing Area he managed Supplier Qualification, Vendor Rating, Purchases of copper and optical fibre cables and Budget. 

In Telecom Italia's Assurance division he held numerous roles in Central Italy’s Technical Assistance service.

In the TIM Open Access Governance role he is responsible for equal treatment between the various telecommunications operators.

Enrolled in the National Council of Engineers in Rome, he is also a Civil Protection Volunteer and he was actively involved the 2016 post-earthquake reconstruction projects coordinated by the National Council of Engineers.