Meeting in Brussels between the Supervisory Board and the European Commission’s DG Connect

14 novembre 2018



The Supervisory Board of the TIM Network met with DG Connect of the European Commission on 14th of November 2018 in Brussels.

Amongst the topics discussed were: the role and commitment of the Supervisory Board in ensuring equal access to the TIM network, the results achieved over 10 years of operations - in particular during the past year - the continuous interaction with AGCOM and the operators and future prospects in relation to the new challenges that the next ultra-broadband access technologies will. create on the market.

Specific technical details were also provided during the meeting relating to the role of the supervisory model and its independence and autonomy features, with particular reference to the surveys carried out by the Supervisory Board in terms of equivalence.
Specific focus was given to the topic related to the quality of the network and the services provided which, based on the UK experience, is the next real objective. 

In conclusion, the participatory supervisory model represented by the Supervisory Board- which constitutes an unicum at international level - was greatly appreciated as it can be applied to other contexts where there is a greater need to plan adequate solutions to guarantee non-discrimination and equal treatment on the Italian telecommunication market.