Seminar on "Equivalence of Access in the Next Generation Networks"

14 - 1 - 2015

At the AGCom headquarters in Rome, the Supervisory Board organised a seminar on the theme "Equivalence of Access in the Next Generation Networks".

The encounter started by the President of the AGCom: Angelo Marcello Cardani and by the President of the Supervisory Board: Antonio Sassano. 

The subject was illustrated with reports from the independent expert: Scott Marcus, the President of the Portuguese sector authority ANACOM, and Fàtima Barros , the President of BEREC since 2015 and Marc Bourreau: Professor of Economics at ParisTech University.

Specific insight on the Italian situation was presented by Antonio Preto, AGCom Commissioner, and Salvatore Rebecchini, AGCM Commissioner.

The meeting was brought to a close by Michele Polo, a member of the Supervisory Board of  Telecom Italia.