Workshop on Models of separation, equivalence of treatment and the role of the supervisory board: comparing international experiences

The Italian Supervisory Board commissioned Cullen International a study in order to establish an updated international benchmark for the purpose of measuring the performance of the Italian model and its possible future evolution. The study findings were presented in an online workshop on July 10.

The event was moderate by the Supervisory Board Chairman, Mr Francesco Sclafani, and had as keynote speakers Prof. Antonio Nicita, Prof. Eugenio Bruti Liberati, Prof. Francesco Vatalaro and Prof. Michele Polo.

The Cullen study provides an overview of ten countries, each with a different combination of models of vertical separation, equivalence of treatment and oversight and sometimes with the presence of a supervisory board.

The analyzed countries are: Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand.