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2014 Annual Report

The Supervisory Board’s monitoring and investigation activities continued in 2013, as envisaged by Resolution no. 718/08/CONS regarding checks on effective compliance with the Undertakings given by Telecom Italia to guarantee access to the network, with a view to providing increasingly more observation of the principles of equality of treatment and transparency of information supplied to the market to protect Other Licensed Operators. 



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As part of this appraisal and analysis work, in order to tangibly apply the brief received, numerous studies and indepth investigations have been initiated with the aim of ascertaining application of the principles guaranteeing equality of access and various other aspects related to compliance with the Undertakings given voluntarily by Telecom Italia, a brief summary of which is given below, while greater details are provided later in this Report.

A significant focus point that the new Members of the Supervisory Board decided to pursue, from when they took up office, is the development of a continuous and lasting relationship with Other Licensed Operators in the firm belief that constant dialogue and regular relation may bring numerous important benefits to the work conducted by the Board. The full belief in the need to attentively and permanently listen to the experiences of the most representative OLOs is deemed to be a necessary condition to making the Supervisory Board aware of the lines of priority action to be tackled and strengthened during their three-year period of office.

Based on this belief, in addition to repeated meetings with Telecom Italia management, with the intention, amongst other things, of understanding future areas of development of the various projects for the access network, new and more frequent discussions were begun with the major Other Licensed Operators and with the Italian Association of Internet Providers (AIIP).

In line with these statements, during the course of the year all aspects related to actual implementation and related functioning of the New Delivery Process, created by Telecom Italia to fulfil the Undertakings related to Group 1, continued to be verified.