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2015 Annual Report

This Report describes the Supervisory Board’s activities carried out during 2014. It also presents an initial overview of results achieved by the Board, whose three-year term of office will end on 1 December 2015.


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The report also documents and provides information on issues addressed and solutions adopted by the Supervisory Board to ensure that Telecom Italia fully implements the Undertakings and complies in full with the underlying principle of equality of treatment. In fact, operators on the market need to be guaranteed the chance to access Telecom Italia’s network without any obstacles or prejudice, in order for them to sell their services, with complete equality of access in relation to Telecom Italia’s internal sales divisions. This is why the Supervisory Board closely monitors process dynamics and, in general, relations between operators as regards these sensitive issues.

In carrying out this challenging task, the Supervisory Board has issued numerous provisions and also specific recommendations to the Incumbent. The main aim of the many actions adopted during the year has been to further guarantee non-discrimination on the access market, also through a greater synergy with the Regulatory Authority and with market operators, who are the players the Supervisory Board has successfully engaged with, albeit on an non-continual basis.

In 2014, many regulatory and legal changes took place, resulting in government bodies adopting new policies on the digitisation of Italy, broadband and ultra broadband, as well as the entire system of technological infrastructure.